• December 2, 2020 5:32 AM
  • Ghaziabad, Uttar pradesh

I stepped out of my comfort zone to ask this boy out who lived right next to me and he thought that I have been very real to be with him and the feeling was euphoric and I felt that I like to blend with people very easily I found that this boy was the one I wanted to be with so after being with him for a few minutes I asked him and he said yes instantly I knew that he watches me as I walk and I sometimes ask for his opinion I would walk out of my house dressed in my new clothes and I asked him how I looked how my new purchases were once I wore high boots and pointed to them he showed me that I look glamorous in them for he was so excited seeing me in them one time he came up to me and I asked him to spank my ass and he told me to wear leather skirts to look like a model he told me that I look no less than famous actresses who are desired my millions he told me that I can become one of the most desired Ghaziabad Escorts females if I become famous somehow so we started posting photos of me online and also my videos on youtube so then we felt that I could be famous soon and we were both right and confident that it would happen.


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