Diya’s live fun service!!!~~ (っ ͡• ᴗ ͡•)っ🎔
  • September 1, 2021 9:09 PM
  • Bangalore, Karnataka

Heeyyy!! It’s me! XD

So, I just got back home and I’m super psyched about having fun online with you guys like I used to back in the States. The guys over there were super funny and really great to do stuff with and like I wanna experience that with new guys over here too!! For the right price of course. 😛

About me: I’m 19, curvy and I like guys with a nice sense of humour. I’m pretty sub so I like strong, confident guys who know what they’re doing. I’m not seeing anyone cos my dad’s pretty uptight about that stuff but haven’t ever met a guy that made me like fall in love sooo. ._.

So, I usually have my shows on Skype and SC. Imma talk to you on Kik and see if I want you in my show first. If I like your vibe and you’re a cool guy, let’s have some fuuuunnn!! I’ll see you guys soon and you’ll see a lot more of me soon too! XD

Kik: Ballizlyff


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